It all started as a project in 2005, while we carried out the sheep herding to shear them in Estancia La Rosa, located 70kms west of the town of Camarones, in the Province of Chubut, Argentina. As we rode on horseback during that herding, we felt the power of the winds as we passed under the high voltage cables, and that’s what prompted us to start the project: besides harvesting wool, we have to harvest this wind!

This is how we started the development of a 24 MW wind farm, that is already producing energy since November 2018. This first great achievement motivates us to continue developing projects that have to do with energy, contributing to the economic and social development of the regions where we are located.

Our family´s properties in Patagonia were established by our great grandfather, who in the late 19th C. established a family line of pioneers . Following this lineage, we feel that we follow their steps by innovating and looking for new frontiers.



Together with PanAmerican Energy Group we completed the construction of a 24 MW wind farm, that was awarded through a contract of the Renovar 1.0 government sponsored Renewable Energy tender.

We have a portfolio of projects in Solar, Wind, Biomass and Small Hydro.

our team

Our Team

We are a group of enthusiasts
of different technical profiles who
want to develop and implement
renewable energy projects in Argentina.

Esteban Gallie

Sebastián Gallie

Nicolás Pisarenko

Pedro Rosenfeld

Juan Mendizabal

our team





Rivadavia 253 – 1er Piso
Trelew (9100)
Chubut, Argentina
+54 2965 431132

Buenos Aires

Cerrito 1070, Piso 11
C.A.B.A (1010)
Buenos Aires, Argentina
+5411 5199 0632